A Carry-On Ready Core Strength Solution

Target your core, amplify your workout with CORRO, easily add resistance and feel the burn! Product is designed to train on your own or with a partner – ideal for whenever and wherever you like to train!

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Struggling to Find the Right Equipment? Let’s Fix That!

Target Core Strength, Regardless of Surface

It’s time for a core strength revolution. With CORRO, your search for the ideal equipment solution is over! Designed to help you feel the burn and train your way, it takes your training capabilities to the next level.

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Adaptability to Various Training Styles

Adaptability to Various Training Styles

Included, removable bands let you set your desired amount of resistance and work out your way.

Any Surface, Anytime

Grab your CORRO and easily perform exercises on any surface.

Maximum Resistance

Maximum Resistance

Easily add resistance and perform fully extended ab roll outs!

Train On Your Own or With a Friend

Train On Your Own or With a Friend

Team up with a workout buddy and jointly have an intense workout using CORRO!

Intensive, Personalized Workouts

Intensive, Personalized Workouts

Whether a beginner or seasoned pro, CORRO keeps up with everything from basic exercises to intensive supersets.

CORRO Takes Your Fitness Further

Any Fitness Level, Any Training Style

It all started with a Kickstarter. Now, CORRO is here to kick your training into high gear, funded by real athletes for real use cases. Target your core, experience increased resistance, and perform intensive body strength workouts using one or both hands. Super compact and easy to carry around, it’s perfect for home training, in the gym, or while on vacation, optimized to work on any surface.

How it Works

Wondering what all the hype is about CORRO? It’s easy to use, fun, and oh-so-effective!
Getting some serious ab rolls or other core strength improvements in is as easy as 1-2-3:

Find a Space You Like

It can be your living room, the backyard – even on the beach! Find the perfect spot for your setup - there’s no need for compromises!

Grip and Warm-Up

Set CORRO’s hand grips down and get yourself ready for some serious burn. Various exercises can be performed!

Roll Into Your Rollouts!

Easily attach assistance or increase resistance, depending on the exercise performed. Whether for carefully coordinated post-injury training routines or hyper-intensive core strength workouts, multi use approach.



With CORRO, your core strength knows no limits. Contact us today to learn more or order your CORRO.

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  • See the world and stay fit thanks to an ultra-compact, travel-friendly design
  • Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort, and built using eco-friendly materials
  • Easily add resistance by attaching bands
  • Suitable for over 150 exercises from chest flys and ab rolls to glute kickbacks and more!
  • Designed so anyone, at any skill level, make full use of CORRO’s capabilities

Our Commitment to You

Effective Fitness Solutions

With a design based on the input of real-world athletes, CORRO doesn’t hold back!

Eco-Friendly and No-Nonsense

Assembled with care using more environmentally friendly materials and an ergonomic form factor, you’ll feel the burn without feeling guilty.

Everyone’s a Pro with CORRO

Beginner? Seasoned pro? Everyone can enjoy the same serious full-body strength workout experience.

We’re Here for You – All of You!

Have a question, concern, or great idea? Drop us a line. We believe in killer, flexible workouts and a great customer experience!

“As someone with back injuries, it was easier for me to execute the movements fully, without any pain.”

Jenn Toro, Certified Personal Trainer


“I definitely recommend it for anyone trying to get a good core workout, and full body workout in general.”

Ty, Elite Personal Trainer


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